Trucking Report: BSB Second Most Congested Area in the U.S.


Cincinnati, Ohio – The Brent Spence Bridge (I-71 at I-75) is the second most congested area in the nation for truck bottlenecks, according to an annual list just released by the American Transportation Research Institute.

“This report comes as no shock to those who use it because the Brent Spence Bridge is chronically congested and horrendously unsafe. And, the report shows the situation isn’t getting any better,” said OKI CEO Mark Policinski.

“In a few short years, we’ve seen the bridge significantly worsen in terms of safely and efficiently transporting freight and families,” Policinski added.

The Brent Spence Bridge is one of the busiest trucking routes in the United States, carrying more than $1 billion worth of freight every day and more than $400 billion worth of freight every year.

“There is no debate that the situation calls for a new bridge. I applaud the reasoned men and women on both sides of the river who are working to find a solution to this fatal flaw in our regional infrastructure system,” Policinski said.

ATRI’s 2021 Top Truck Bottleneck List measures the level of truck-involved congestion at more than 300 locations on the national highway system.

The Brent Spence Bridge was ranked no. 5 on last year’s list.

Two other of the region’s heavily congested areas also made this year’s list: 1-75/1-71 at I-275 in Northern Kentucky (#24); and I-75 at I-74 in Ohio (#81).

ATRI is the trucking industry’s major research organization. Analysis is based on truck GPS data from more than one million freight trucks.

For access to the full report, view it here.

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