OKI is the federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for Greater Cincinnati. In this role, we use federal funding to conduct multi-modal transportation planning and programming for road, transit, freight, bike, and pedestrian initiatives.

What is OKI’s Role in Transportation Planning in the Region?

OKI’s Partners in Transportation Planning

We are a regional coordinator and collaborator with:

  • United States Department of Transportation
  • State and federal agencies
  • Transit agencies
  • Local elected leadership
  • Local planning agencies
  • Public works directors
  • Civic and environmental justice groups
  • Business community
  • Citizens across our eight-county region

Long-range and Short-range Transportation Plans

OKI leads in the development of the region’s long-range transportation plan and the short-range Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). We also perform county and corridor-level transportation studies; and we contribute to ongoing conversations about issues such as land use, economic development, the environment, safety and security.

Plan, Prioritize & Select Projects

OKI has the authority to plan, prioritize and select transportation projects for federal funding. We are also responsible for ensuring the region complies with federal planning requirements and national ambient air quality standards.

Long-range: Our 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

OKI 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Logo

OKI’s long-range plan is a comprehensive blueprint projecting the region’s transportation needs until 2050. It has more than 206 projects estimated at $8.5 billion, including the traditional pedestrian, bike, freight, transit, roadway, and bridge initiatives. The plan’s project list is a result of the many contributions from OKI communities and performance-based planning approaches undertaken by staff. The plan is being updated for 2024 on the 2050 Transportation Plan Update website. 

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Because OKI is a metropolitan planning organization, we are required to develop and maintain a Transportation Improvement Program. This allows OKI and our jurisdictions access to federal highway and transit funding for related improvements.

Areas of Focus in Transportation Planning

OKI plans for all surface transportation modes and responds to all aspects of the metropolitan planning process. This performance-based process includes analysis of alternatives to meet projected future demands. It also calls for providing a safe and efficient transportation system that meets mobility, while considering impacts to the environment.