OKI’s mission is to support a safe, efficient, and environmentally sustainable flow of goods that support a healthy and robust regional economy. In that spirit, OKI is the tristate’s public leader in freight transportation planning.

OKI conducts freight transportation studies; partners with freight stakeholders in the trucking, barge, rail, pipeline, and air cargo sectors; and provides funding opportunities. Through collaborative public and private data-sharing, forecasting and investments, OKI works to identify strategic initiatives and streamline processes.

This is an ongoing process that leads to identifying and implementing those freight-related improvement projects that address current needs, while enhancing the region’s future ability to move goods.

What drives our freight planning activities and funding decisions?

OKI’s commitment is to improve safety; maintain infrastructure conditions; decrease congestion while increasing mobility and reliability; enhance environmental sustainability; and support the region’s continued economic competitiveness for the benefit of our more than 2 million residents.

OKI Freight Plan

The OKI Freight Plan is a systematic examination of current and future conditions related to the movement of goods in, out and within the region across all five freight modes (road, rail, river, air and pipeline) and the surface transportation recommendations and investments needed to ensure its continued performance and regional benefit to 2050.

The Latest Freight Data by Mode

OKI freight dashboards and interactive maps provide the most current data available for each freight mode.

Freight Infrastructure Dashboards

Freight Interactive Maps

Roads Map

Adequate truck road and parking capacity is a critical issue in the OKI Region.

Rail Map

Explore freight rail volume and safety data in the OKI Region via this interactive map.

River Map

Explore freight-related infrastructure along the Ohio and Licking rivers via this interactive map.

Freight Jobs Hub Map

Explore the OKI Region’s areas of highest freight employment density based on 2020 data.

State Freight Transportation

Unlike metropolitan planning organizations, including OKI, states are federally mandated to have a statewide freight plan and update it every four years.