Complete Streets

OKI Complete Streets Policy will help ensure that the region’s streets are for everyone.

Adopted November 2022

The overarching aim of Complete Streets is a simple one: to build roads designed for everyone, when practical and possible.

Everyone… Motorists, of course. But also for pedestrians, bicyclists, older people and people with disabilities, children, freight vehicles, and many others.

It’s a holistic approach that integrates “people and place” in the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of our transportation networks.

OKI’s Complete Streets policy will help ensure that the region’s streets are for everyone.

To that end, all applicants are required to consider complete streets treatments when applying for OKI federal funds.

Specifically, the policy’s goal is to improve the transportation network so that more streets and roads in the OKI Region meet this definition, and to encourage future designs which accommodate all users.

Adherence to these policies will increasingly yield a safer and a more accessible transportation network for all modes and users.

OKI Regional Bike Plan

The OKI Regional Bicycle Plan is a major part of the region’s multi-modal Regional Transportation Plan.

The bike plan contains a summary of the existing on-road and trail bicycle facilities. It also includes ways to improve cycling conditions throughout the OKI Region.

To this end, it is the vision of the OKI Regional Bicycle Plan that cycling become a more integrated part of the planning process that yields safe cycling options for travel in the region.

The bike and trail system has developed rapidly since the plan was completed. Consider that OKI has invested more than $115 million since 2010 on bike and pedestrian projects throughout our region.

For more information, please see the OKI 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan for regional projects and the OKI Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for projects programmed using federal transportation funds.

A Guide to Bicycling

The OKI series of Bike Route Guides are a great resource for bike facilities in the OKI Region. Work is underway to update the Guides which include useful information on how to travel the region as well as maps that show shared-use trails and the most suitable on-road routes.

Bike Guides:

Ohio Counties Guide

Cincinnati Bike Route Guide – 2013 Update

Northern Kentucky Bike Route Guide

Interactive Bike Route Guide

Regional Bike Plans

For a summary of bicycle planning in the region, please see the Active Transportation section of the OKI 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan.

Pedestrian Planning

As part of OKI’s program for multimodal transportation planning, pedestrian travel is considered a component of the regional transportation system.

For the most part, this involves facilities (sidewalks) incorporated into the street system. As with all modes using the street network, most pedestrian safety issues occur at street intersections, which require a variety of crosswalk treatments.

Through local zoning and subdivision regulations, local communities also exert some control over walkways within private developments. To the extent that new or reconstructed highway projects are federally funded, the respective state transportation departments have a responsibility, under federal laws, to accommodate pedestrian travel in these facilities.

OKI also has a role in such projects by administering the regional Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

Kentucky and Ohio departments of transportation have prepared planning and design guidance for bike and pedestrian facilities. For more information, please follow these links: