Freight: The Movement of Goods

OKI Is Currently Developing a NEW Freight Plan for the Region!

The new OKI Regional Freight Plan’s development is organized around four major tasks. As products under each task are completed, they will be published at

Fiscal Year 2022

(July 2021 – June 2022): OKI Staff

  • Existing Freight System Performance Modal Summaries
  • Visualize Freight Conditions

Fiscal Year 2023

(July 2022 – June 2023): Consultant Team

  • Estimate Future Freight Conditions and System Performance
  • Generate Solutions to Address Needs and Opportunities

Please direct all freight transportation planning comments or questions to:
Robyn Bancroft, OKI Strategic Initiatives Manager, at or call (513) 619-7662.

View the Latest Data Available for Each Freight Mode

The NEW Freight Plan is identifying and analyzing several NEW sources of freight data. As new freight data dashboards are developed by OKI, they will be posted here.


Interactive Freight Maps

These maps, created by OKI in 2016, were updated in 2022.

River Freight

Explore infrastructure along the Ohio and Licking rivers via this interactive map.

Rail Freight

Explore train count data in the OKI Region via this interactive map.

Truck Freight

Truck parking is a critical issue in the OKI Region.

Freight Job Hubs

Explore Freight Job Hubs including drive time and public transit.

OKI Regional Freight Plan

The NEW Freight Plan replaces the OKI Regional Freight Plan that was completed in August 2011.

illustration of five freight modes: road, rail, river, runway and pipeline

State Freight Plans

OKI partners with all three of our State Departments of Transportation to advance the safe, reliable, efficient, and environmentally-sustainable movement of goods that support economic competitiveness.