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OKI Regional Bike Plan

The OKI Regional Bicycle Plan is a component of the region’s multi-modal Regional Transportation Plan. The Regional Bicycle Plan contains a summary of the existing on-road and trail bicycle facilities and of the recommendations for improving cycling conditions in the region. Towards this end, it is the vision of the Regional Bicycle Plan that vehicular travel by bicycle become an integral mode of travel, both by its inclusion in OKI’s regional transportation planning process, and by its consideration as a choice for trip-making by residents of the OKI region.

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A Guide to Bicycling

OKI has updated its bicycle information brochure to include the answers to the most frequently asked question we get: where can I ride my bike? The brochure describes four shared use paths and six mountain bike trails in the region. Also acknowledged are the hundreds of miles of public roads available for cycling where most of us ride.

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Wanna Bike? Brochure

Tri-State Bicycle Facilities

To be successful, a bicycle transportation system should make it possible for bicyclists to travel to their destinations directly and safely. They should be able to ride on the roads, use the bridges and viaducts, and find a place to park. If you are the driver of a motor vehicle, you probably have similar travel objectives.

Bicycling occurs year around in the tri-state. Bicycle trips for transportation purposes–including commuting to work–are generally three to seven miles in length. It is not unusual for bicycle trips for purposes of recreation or touring to be 100 miles or more in a day.

This summary will examine various types of bicycle facilities including on-road and separate facilities, planning activities in the region, bridges and viaducts, the status of several multi-purpose trails, and bike parking and the bike-transit connection.

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Regional Trail Plans

The Regional Trail Plans report updates the summary of the regional trail facilities planned for the eight county OKI areas as of April 2003. These projects represent the work of many volunteer project committees and local jurisdictions in the region. Implementation of these plans is time-consuming and requires dedication of the committees and support of the public.

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Pedestrian Plan

As part of OKI’s program for multimodal transportation planning, pedestrian travel is considered a component of the regional transportation system. For the most part, this involves facilities (sidewalks) incorporated into the street system. As with all modes using the street network, most pedestrian safety issues occur at street intersections requiring a variety of crosswalk treatments. The responsibility for street construction and maintenance is predominantly with local governments, thus many of the recommendations for pedestrian facilities are to the local governments of the OKI region. Through local zoning and subdivision regulations, local communities also exert some control over walkways within private developments. To the extent that new or reconstructed highway projects are undertaken with federal funding, the respective state transportation departments have a responsibility, under federal laws, to accommodate pedestrian travel in these facilities. OKI also has a role in such projects through the administration of the regional Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

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