Turkey Foot Road Corridor

This report documents the results of a traffic operations analysis conducted by the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI) on the section of Turkeyfoot Road (KY 1303) in Kenton County, Kentucky between Dixie Highway (US 25/42/127) and Dudley Pike. This study was conducted at the request of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

The purpose of this review is to examine in general terms the physical and operational characteristics of this roadway corridor, including an overview of the roadway system (functional class, length, cross-section, volume), as well as general land use and demographic characteristics of the corridor (communities, adjacent development). An attempt will be made to characterize and quantify the nature and magnitude of any problems identified, and to identify and propose any physical or operational roadway improvements which appear to warrant further consideration, by either the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet or the affected units of local government.