North South Transportation Plan

The North South Transportation Initiative is a comprehensive evaluation of the transportation needs within the major north/south transportation artery that spans nearly 100 miles from Northern Kentucky, through Cincinnati and Dayton to the Miami County line.

The North South transportation corridor that is being studied includes the major cities of Cincinnati, Middletown and Dayton as well as seven (7) counties, 22 other cities, six villages and 14 townships. Principle elements of this corridor include Interstate 75 (I-75) and its adjacent north/south railroad lines. This transportation artery has served as a major link in the country’s commerce. It has carried people and goods throughout the Greater Cincinnati and Miami Valley regions and across the country since the late 1950s.

Today, I-75 and the parallel railroads are among the nation’s busiest for the movement of people and goods. I-75 is among the busiest trucking routes in North America with truck traffic approaching 6 billion miles annually according to Federal Highway Administration estimates. More than 250 freight trains per day pass through or have destinations within the study area.

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