I-71 Corridor DEIS

In 2001, the I-71 Corridor Preliminary Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) was completed. The Interstate‑71 (I-71) Corridor, is a transportation corridor that extends approximately 19-miles between Covington, Kentucky and Blue Ash, Ohio. The proposed project considered four alternatives and includes the 19-mile LRT line with either 20 or 21 stations and a yard and shop facility. The alternative alignments and station locations and station types were identified during a collaborative effort among the residents, local governments, the business community and the I-71 Corridor Oversight Committee. The proposed LRT project also includes the improvements of both the No-Build Alternative and the Transportation System Management Alternative identified during the planning process.

Questions regarding the study should be directed to Robert Koehler, Deputy Executive Director, at rkoehler@oki.org or (513) 619-7676.

I-71 Corridor Preliminary DEIS

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Purpose & Need

Chapter 2 Alternatives Considered

Chapter 3 Social and Land Use

Chapter 4 Environmental Impact Analysis

Chapter 5 Economic Impact Analysis

Chapter 6 Transportation Impact Analysis

Chapter 7 Evaluation of Alternatives

Chapter 8 Public Outreach and Education

Chapter 9 Bibliography

Chapter 10 Supporting Documents

Chapter 11 Acronyms