Eastern Corridor

The Eastern Corridor project is the quintessential example of an all-inclusive approach that addresses transportation needs while maximizing regional benefits. It is the transformation project in the OKI region.

The very nature of how the Eastern Corridor project integrates future land use with transportation planning and development over the nearly 200 square miles is truly remarkable.

The various elements that make up the Eastern Corridor project involve multi-modal solutions to transportation issues and include new transit options, bike and walking trails, road improvements and rail inclusion. It is comprehensive in its structure and will be immensely critical to the region’s future.

The Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments has partnered with and supports the effort of the Clermont and Hamilton County Transportation Improvement Districts to secure federal funding to advance the Eastern Corridor Project. The

Eastern Corridor, from its vision, its supreme regional impact and its creative funding structure, is the model for future infrastructure development for this country. By offering more and better modal choices pollution control, livability and the flow of goods and people will be dramatically enhanced.