Dixie Highway Corridor Study

The Dixie Highway Corridor Study presents recommendations for improving traffic flow and safety for a congested corridor where a lane addition is not an option. This segment of Dixie Highway in Kenton County typifies other built-up and congested roadways, and the study’s recommendations are applicable to other urban corridors.

The focus of the recommendations is on improving traffic operations through a combination of relatively low-cost improvements, particularly for the traffic signal system.

  • A first round of signal improvements would address maintenance issues and optimize timing — most of this work has already been completed, resulting in a 10% improvement in travel time and traffic capacity.
  • A second round of signal improvements would involve upgrading to a closed-loop system that would operate in response to traffic flow rather than time of day.
  • The recommended signal upgrade would also enable additional improvements, such as a signal inter-connect to ARTIMIS and signal pre-emption for emergency vehicles. It would cost less than a half million dollars to improve traffic flow an additional 10-30%.

Other measures for squeezing more capacity from the existing system and improving safety are represented by recommendations for

  • adding turn lanes and re-aligning offset intersections,
  • improving access management, and
  • improvements related to pedestrian crossings, on-street parking, bus operations, and traffic bottlenecks.

The study’s recommendations are accompanied by estimates of costs and benefits.

The study was completed in June 2005.

For more information, please contact Ms. Margo Lindahl at (513) 621-7677.