Central Area Loop Study

More than 200,000 residents in the Tri-State area work in or commute through downtown Cincinnati, Covington and Newport daily, in addition to approximately five million people who visit the areas’ entertainment facilities and attractions each year. As a result, travel between these three cities can be time-consuming and frustrating. After 18 months of analysis, the Central Area Loop Study Advisory Committee has developed recommendations designed to decrease traffic congestion and improve mobility to downtown Cincinnati, Covington and Newport. The recommendations address concerns for a loop circulator, improvements on Fourth and Fifth streets in Covington and the viability of a Newport Light Rail spur. On November 8, 2001, the Ohio-Kentucky- Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI) Board of Trustees approved these recommendations.
Loop Circulator: Transportation System Management The Advisory Committee recommends Transportation System Management (TSM) alternatives to enhance existing services offered by TANK and SORTA in order to increase their use and effectiveness. TANK and SORTA will work together to respond to the traffic needs in the three cities. In addition:

The Southbank Shuttle route will be revised to increase ridership and improve service frequency.

Measures such as dedicated transit lanes and transit signal prioritization will be considered to increase the mobility of public transportation.

Public transportation routes serving the cities of Cincinnati, Covington and Newport will continue to be evaluated to increase ridership and improve effectiveness.