Completed February 2007

The Western Hamilton County Transportation Study was conducted to evaluate the impact of rapid growth in population and development in Western Hamilton County, Ohio. OKI has seen that many roadways are operating at or close to capacity causing safety and congestion concerns.

The study area included the cities of Cheviot, Cincinnati and Harrison; villages of Addyston, Cleves and North Bend; and the townships of Colerain, Crosby, Delhi, Green, Harrison, Miami and Whitewater. The study focuses on improving mobility and safety for residents, commuters, visitors and freight. All are important factors to ensuring a healthy and vibrant quality of life.
In terms of existing and future transportation problem areas and conceptual planning recommendations, the study involved two major components:

  • A detailed evaluation of previously documented local, county and state plans, which resulted in the identification of 74 problem areas and transportation improvement recommendations.
  • The identification of 26 new, not previously documented transportation problem areas (referred to as the “Western 26”) complete with conceptual, short- and long-term planning recommendations for each.


In addition to 100 combined conceptual planning recommendations, the Strategic Plan identifies six Regional Corridor Project Priorities estimated at a total cost of $52,500,000. These priority recommendations are considered to provide the highest positive impact on Western Hamilton County’s existing and future transportation system.