Completed September 14, 2023

The OKI Freight Plan provides the framework for prioritizing efforts to improve future freight transportation in our region. With goals in mind, evaluating the issues and needs helps to focus our analysis to better address those issues critical to enhancing the future freight movement and resulting economic growth within the OKI region. The freight goals: safety; infrastructure condition; mobility and reliability; environmental sustainability; and economic competitiveness.

The plan is a systematic examination of current and future conditions related to the movement of goods in, out and within the region across all five freight modes (road, rail, river, air and pipeline) and the surface transportation recommendations and investments needed to ensure its continued performance and regional benefit to 2050.

One of the freight plan’s policy recommendations is to update to OKI Freight Plan in Fiscal Year 2027 and every four years thereafter to align with updates of the OKI Metropolitan Transportation Plan.