Completed January 2004

The Northwest Butler Transportation Study (NBTS) is an in-depth study of the transportation needs and possible solutions to transportation-related problems in a 125 square mile area centered on US 27 and SR 73 and spanning eight townships in northwest Butler County, Ohio. The purpose of this study was to determine a recommended long range strategic plan of implementable improvements for future transportation in the NBTS area.

The recommendations resulting from the NBTS study include:

  • Upgrade key intersections and roadway sections (lane and shoulder widths)
  • Re-align US 27 and SR 129 in Millville
  • Widen US 27 to four lanes from SR 128 to Millville
  • Three lane segment on US 27 between Minton Road and McGonigle and between Stillwell Beckett and Chestnut Roads
  • Two lane connector between US 27 and SR 73 and between US 27 and SR 732 (south of Oxford)
  • Consideration of re-routing US 27 over local road