Completed March 2004

OKI and Dearborn County undertook the Dearborn County Transportation Assessment in April 2003. Dearborn County is one of the fastest-growing counties within the OKI region. With a population of nearly 45,000 in 1995, Dearborn County is expected to grow over 60 percent by 2030. The Transportation Assessment comes at an opportune time in the county’s history. The county is benefiting from its proximity to the Cincinnati Urban core and from the success of tourist attractions such as Argosy Casino and Perfect North Slopes.

The area between I-74, I-275 and SR 1 is rapidly developing and includes the communities of St. Leon, Bright, Hidden Valley Lake, Greendale, Lawrenceburg, and Aurora. While residential and commercial development is on the rise within Dearborn County, the infrastructure remains mostly rural. Many of the county’s rural roads were not designed to operate under increased volumes. Several roadways now serve thriving communities but are too narrow and do not meet current standards. The infrastructure of the area needs to be improved to accommodate the existing and future needs of Dearborn County. The Transportation Assessment provides Dearborn County with a framework for future projects and includes a complete evaluation of the county roadway infrastructure. The Assessment was published in March 2004.