Completed December 2007

On October 1, 2007 OKI received a request to study the effects of banning trucks from using the Brent Spence (I-71/75) Bridge during the morning and afternoon rush hours. Specifically, this report investigates the potential for improving safety on the Brent Spence (I-71/75) Bridge by estimating the impacts of banning large trucks that originate outside the I-275 beltway and have no stops within the beltway from traveling on I-71/75 during the morning and afternoon weekday peak periods.


A ban on through trucks on the northern Kentucky portion of I-71/75 was found to have no substantial benefits. Reduction in severe crashes is expected to be very modest. Operating costs to the trucking industry and additional emissions negatively impact the region. The practical difficulties in the enforcement of a truck ban must also to be considered in the deployment of such a ban.