The Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI) is now accepting Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) for professional services to perform traffic data collection services. OKI, as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky metropolitan area, will serve as the project manager and contract directly with the selected firm resulting from this RFQ.

If the Proposer is a team, the team must be led by a firm that has the managerial and technical resources to communicate and coordinate directly with OKI and manage the work of the entire team. The team lead will function as the “Prime” and will be expected to assist and advise OKI in managing the project.

This RFQ contains detailed submission guidelines and SOQ specifications. 

Submittal: All items requested as part of the RFQ must be completed in their entirety. Failure to do so can result in the submittal being declared unresponsive and will be automatically DISQUALIFIED. OKI must be in receipt of all SOQs by the date identified in Section 2.1.1 at the following address. One (1) original and three (3) copies of the SOQ are required.

Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments
Attn:  Finance Department
TRAFFIC DATA COLLECTION – Statement of Qualifications
720 E. Pete Rose Way, Suite 420; Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

The SOQ should be placed in a sealed envelope and clearly marked “TRAFFIC DATA COLLECTION – Statement of Qualifications”. Submissions not marked clearly will not be opened. Submissions received after the deadline will not be evaluated. No exceptions.

Interested firms’ questions and inquiries on the specifications of this SOQ shall be submitted in writing via email to Hui Xie at Questions will be accepted until June 22, 2023 at 2:00 p.m. EDT. The responses to all questions will be posted on within two (2) business days of receipt.


 1. Vehicle Volume and Classification Counts – Is OKI able to share the number of counts to be collected and the deadline for collection?

Yes. OKI will release the traffic count locations and schedule for data collection, processing, and delivery with the selected consultant(s). The exact number of locations is not yet determined but we expect it to be well over 100 locations. 

2. Vehicle Occupancy Counts – Is OKI requiring that all vehicles at the 20 selected locations have occupancy data collected?

Yes. The occupancy data for all vehicles at the 20 selected locations is required.

3. Will you consider technology solutions using analytics derived from traffic camera data?  (RFQ seems focused on a process of in-person “counters” at various intersections.)

OKI does not have preference to the technology for any of the three projects in the scope. Consultants should feel free to choose the best data collection and processing technology at their disposal, as long as the methodology is sound for the purpose. In the past, OKI and our consultants have used tubes, radars, and cameras to collect volume and classification counts. Consultants are not confined to only one technology for any of the three dataset collections.

4. Will submissions be considered that can fulfill PART of the scope, with openness to a multi-vendor solution?  Specifically, we can fulfill two of the three portions of the scope:

    1. Vehicle volume and counts
    2. Bike and pedestrian counts

Consultants can participate in all or any portions of the scope. OKI is open to a multi-vendor solution.

5.Can/will you facilitate access to the traffic camera feeds at the desired intersections for the contracted entity to provide counts?

OKI is not accepting or depending on the use of any existing camera installations belonging to or operated by other agencies (such as a city traffic camera) for this project.

After the consultants are selected, they have to get the permit from Ohio Department of Transportation to install counting equipment at the desired locations. OKI can help facilitating permit application process, however, the consultants will have to install the equipment, and retrieve, process, and quality control the data.