The Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments is now accepting proposals for; two (2) advanced video-based traffic counting systems to replace existing traffic count stations. This traffic counting system will be used as a permanent station capable of nighttime traffic counting and FHWA 13-vehicle classification. OKI, as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky metropolitan area, will serve as the project manager and contract directly with the selected firm resulting from this RFP.

This RFP contains detailed submission guidelines. 


All items requested as part of the RFP must be completed in their entirety. Failure to do so can result in the submittal being declared unresponsive and will be automatically DISQUALIFIED. OKI must be in receipt of all Proposals by 5/9/2024, 2:00 PM EDT at the following address. Three (3) copies of the Proposal are required.

Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments
Attn:  Finance Department
720 E. Pete Rose Way, Suite 420; Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

The Proposal should be placed in a sealed envelope and clearly marked “VIDEO-BASED ORBCS – Proposal”. Submissions not marked clearly will not be opened. Submissions received after the deadline will not be evaluated. No exceptions.

Interested firms’ questions and inquiries on the specifications of this Proposal shall be submitted in writing via email to Jersson Pachar at jpachar@oki.orgQuestions will be accepted until 4/25/24 at 2:00 PM EDT. The responses to all questions will be posted on within 2 business days of receipt.


1. Do we need to be a DBE in one of the 3 states or can we use the NH DBE in order to qualify as a DBE ?

DBE status is not necessary for this proposal. The DBE goal for this project is zero percent (0%).

2. If I understand correctly, you are looking for two one camera permanent counting systems with one year full warranty?

Yes, we are looking for two permanent counting systems (one camera per direction) with at least one-year product full warranty

3. Is this proposal just a purchase only contract?

Yes, this proposal is a purchase only contract.

4. If this contract includes installation, where are these cameras to be installed?

Installation is not part of the contract.

5. Does the contract include design/construction of structures for mounting?

No design/construction of structures for mounting are necessary for this project.

6. Does the contract include design/construction of power infrastructure for the cameras?

The contract does not include design/construction of power infrastructure for the cameras.

7. Will the system components just be provided or installed as well?

The system will just be provided. Installation is not requires for this proposal.

8. Would you like the system components to be AC powered since you requested the Infrared lights?

Yes, the system would be AC powered.

9. Would the Council consider a fixed bullet type camera rather than a dome type camera system with PTZ?

The Council is only considering dome type cameras with PTZ.

10. The Council has noted in the FAQs that it wants two permanent counting systems (one camera per direction). Please clarify the number of camera systems requested, i.e., 2 sites with 2 cameras each.

The number of camera systems requested is 2 total. 2 sites with 1 camera each.

11. Is there existing infrastructure (i.e., poles) at each site?

There are existing poles at each site.

12. Is there existing AC power at each site?

Yes, there is existing AC power at each site.

13. How does the Council plan to access camera data analytics? Will you be buying a software license?

The Council plan to access camera data directly from traffic counter and process the data in house. We will not be buying a software license.

14. Where should vendors put pricing information in their proposal response?

A cost proposal should be included as part of the 5 pages of the detailed proposal. There is no prescribed format.

15. In order to honor the one-year warranty on each camera system, our people must be onsite when the Council installs the systems. Please confirm you are agreeable to this requirement.

We will make reasonable accommodation for vendor attendance during installation; however, the installation will be performed at the time and date of OKI’s choosing.

Virtual RFP Opening is Thursday, May 9, 4 p.m. Meeting information is below. 


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