Our Regional Planning team supports local jurisdictions, state agencies and federal partners. We have three distinct planning focus areas: Land Use, a Greenspace Office, and our Water Quality Program. These areas are staffed with senior planners who work with agency partners to advance regional planning activities across the OKI region.

OKI’s Partners in Regional Planning

OKI collaborates on regional planning efforts with:

  • Federal agencies
  • Environmental agencies
  • Local and County elected leadership
  • Local and County regional planners
  • Local and County administrators
  • Local and County engineers
  • Public works directors
  • Business community
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Health Professionals
  • Citizens in the eight-county planning area

Strategic Regional Policy Plan

A vision for a land use- transportation connection.

OKI’s Strategic Regional Policy Plan, Where Do We Grow From Here?, was adopted by the OKI Land Use Commission in 2005. It was updated in 2014 and 2023. The SRPP is an overall 20-year vision for regional vitality, sustainability, and competitiveness, focusing on the land use-transportation connection.

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