The OKI Strategic Regional Policy Plan, How Do We Grow From Here?, is a 20-year vision for regional vitality, sustainability and competitiveness. It focuses on the land use-transportation connection.

The strategic planning process addresses four questions:

  • Where are we as a region?
  • Where are we going given current trends?
  • Where do we want to go?
  • How do we get there?

To achieve the overall regional vision, six strategic subject areas guide and focus OKI’s planning efforts. Those areas:

  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Land use
  • Public facilities and services
  • Natural systems
  • Economic development

Plan Impacts on the Funding Criteria for Transportation Projects

The SRPP supports the Land Use Commission’s mission:  “… to bring about more consistency between local land use planning and regional transportation planning, so that scarce taxpayer dollars can be used for maximum benefit.”

Local planning criteria look at ways a project supports How Do We Grow From Here? through effective comprehensive planning. A central aim calls for each local government to have an up-to-date comprehensive plan that links:

  • Transportation
  • Land use
  • Economic development
  • Public facilities
  • Housing
  • Natural resources
  • Recreation
  • Intergovernmental coordination
  • Capital improvements

The plan emphasizes “complete and current local government comprehensive plans as a means to a more efficient multi-modal regional transportation system.” To learn more about the scoring criteria for transportation projects, please visit the funding opportunities page.