Public Comment Opportunity: Amending the Regional Water Quality Management Plan

OKI is considering an amendment to the Regional Water Quality Management (WQM) Plan for an area in Warren County east of Springboro located at the eastern end of Belle Claire Hill in Clear Creek Township where development is being planned. Public comment is being gathered on line through OKI’s website.

OKI published the original Regional Water Quality Management (WQM) Plan in 1977, and has periodically made updates to the plan since it was adopted. Such planning is required under Section 208 of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1972 to assess sources of water pollution and recommend strategies to control them.

The proposed amendment is being requested by the City of Springboro so that water quality can be protected, maintained, enhanced and controlled. The amendment would update the boundaries of the Springboro Facility Planning Area (FPA) to account for planned development of property in Clear Creek Township. This property is currently included in the Sugar Creek FPA under the management of Montgomery County. Along with altering the facility planning area boundaries, the addition of the property in question to the Springboro FPA would affect the volume of flows to the Springboro Water Reclamation Facility operated by the City of Springboro.

The amendment would move 13.7019 acres of land from the County Sugar Creek FPA to the Springboro FPA. This property is adjacent to current Springboro sewer facilities and will be serviced by the Glenridge lift station.

Public comment on the proposed amendment is being gathered on line through the website and social media or via the mail. Email your comments to David Rutter of OKI staff and will be accepted until 4 p.m. March 8, 2021.

View the City of Springboro’s request for a WQM Plan amendment, maps of the proposed changes, and resolutions by the City of Springboro and the Montgomery County Commissioners in support of the amendment.