Cincinnati, OH – The Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI) will be hosting Portland bicycle guru and Cincinnati native, Lillian Karabaic as she speaks about bike education, facilities and programs that will improve the bicycling scene in Cincinnati. The “Portland Comes to OKI” seminar will be held on Tuesday, December 18 at 2 p.m. at the OKI offices, 720 East Pete Rose Way, Suite 420.

“This is a great opportunity for the region to learn and gain valuable insight into the world of cycling from a leading expert in the field,” said Mark Policinski, executive director of OKI. “The city of Portland has been able to make great strides in facilitating the needs of cyclists in their community and we are excited to be able to apply some of their success to the Tri-State.”


Lillian Karabaic works for Portland’s Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA), a non-profit membership organization formed in 1990. The BTA works with citizens, businesses, community groups, government agencies and elected officials to facilitate transportation by bike. Her primary focus is on the “Safe Routes to School” program. Ms. Karabaic lives car-free in Portland, as she did while living in Cincinnati.


“One of the goals of this seminar and the OKI Regional Bicycle Plan is to initiate timely communication about regional cycling issues among individuals with personal and professional interests in them,” said OKI Senior Planner and Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator Don Burrell.


Cincinnati planners have traveled to Portland to look at transit, urban service areas and bike lanes in the hopes of implementing a comparable regional bicycle plan in the Tri-State. Ms. Karabaic will be sharing her experience as well as offering successful Portland bicycle program tips that can help increase bicycling conditions in the area.


OKI is a council of local governments, business organizations and community groups committed to developing collaborative strategies, plans and programs to improve the quality of life and the economic development potential of the Tri-State.