Performance Measures

Bike & Pedestrian Crashes


Bicyclists and pedestrians account for 14% of all transportation related fatalities. The vulnerability of bicyclists and pedestrians, coupled with the increasing popularity of bicycling, contributes to this important safety concern. The data

Bridge Condition


With over 2,300 bridges in the OKI region, maintaining the safety and functionality of those bridges is critical to keeping people and goods moving. “Functionally Obsolete” is a status used to describe

Crash Rates


Motor vehicle crashes account for high economic loss and societal impact for residents of the OKI region. Impacts include loss of life, decreased quality of life due to injuries, lost productivity, medical

Travel Time Reliability


Travel time reliability is the ability of travelers to reach their destination in a consistent and dependable amount of time. A highway’s travel time may be reliable and still experience slowdowns,

Pavement Condition


Our region boasts a robust roadway network of over 9,000 miles, largely built during the 20th century.  We are faced with the challenge of preserving these thousands of miles of pavement across

Travel Time Index


The OKI region’s quality of life and economic competitiveness are closely related to the degree to which the transportation system is able to provide an acceptable level of mobility.  Congestion is the

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