SR 129/Liberty Way Modification Phase 2


Construction of new ramps from the eastern terminus of SR 129 to local road network at Cox Road. New roundabout at Cox Road. Removal of nearby SR 129 connections to Liberty Way, eliminating weaving issues.

Amount Funded: $5,961,500

King Avenue Bridge over Little Miami River


New 48-foot wide (two-lane), structure with shoulders and 11’ wide dedicated pedestrian/bike way with barrier separation. Improved horizontal alignment and new vertical profile that will moderate the existing steep vertical grades on the King Avenue approach. New tunnel crossing of LMT under Grandin Road and relocated parking area for the trail.

Amount Funded: $6,000,000

Central Avenue Reconstruction


Between Verity Parkway and University Blvd. Reconstruction with upgraded pavement, curb, storm sewer and pedestrian lighting. Includes left turn lanes, street calming and bike racks.

Amount Funded: $4,185,340

East Crescentville Road Improvements


Between Transportation Way and Centerdale Road. Install new traffic signal and ped signal at the East Crescentville/ Chesterdale intersection with left turn lane, interconnect/coordination with existing International Blvd signal, TWLTL throughout, replace pavement with properly sized storm sewer. .

Amount Funded: $3,793,230

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