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Fiscal Impact Analysis Model


The Fiscal Impact Analysis Model is a scenario planning tool. Information generated from the Model will help local governments better understand the revenues and costs associated with new development, as well as the jurisdiction’s ability to provide public facilities and services.

Job Hubs


Job Hubs are concentrated areas of economic activity. Use this app to learn more about these hubs including major industry sectors, number of jobs, and travel times to the hubs via

Bike Route Guide


The Bike Route Guide was prepared by the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments with assistance from the Cincinnati Department of Transportation and Engineering, members of Queen City Bike, the Cincinnati Cycle Club

Traffic Counts


Traffic counts Explore traffic counts for the OKI region. This app features data downloads, printing, and the ability to chart traffic volumes by time of day and travel direction. View Map

My Community’s Water


My Community’s Water is a web-based interactive tool for geographic information system analysis (GIS) of water resources in the 122 local political jurisdictions of Butler, Clermont, Hamilton and Warren counties.  It

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