KY 8 Multi-Use Path – Phase 3


Multi-use path on the south side of KY 8 from the corner of KY 8 and Kay Wright Lane and the western entrance in Morschel Park.

Amount Funded: $186,163

Center and Russell Street Sidewalk


New sidewalk along the south side of Center Street from Shelby Street to Liberty Court and the north-east side of Russell Street.

Amount Funded: $390,664

Frogtown Connector


New sidewalk on the west side of Frogtown Connector Road from the end of the existing sidewalk north of Calle Luna Lane.

Amount Funded: $500,000

Burlington Sidewalks


New sidewalks on the south side of KY18 from Ethan Drive to existing sidewalk east of Southpointe Drive and north side from Main Street to existing sidewalk west of Nicholas Street.

Amount Funded: $500,000