Greater Cincinnati’s Regional Asset Verification and Emergency Network (RAVEN911) is an electronic mapping system used by first responders for a variety of emergency situations. The novel approach to constructing RAVEN911 combined a variety of technologies into a common operating picture. The single portal RAVEN911 provides greater Cincinnati’s 12-county emergency responders is unique in that during a crisis a disaster can be quickly identified and information pertinent to the situation can be quickly disseminated along a variety of mediums including social media.

RAVEN911 identifies critical local resources and infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, chemical storage units, rail crossings and police and fire stations to allow emergency personnel to respond efficiently in the event of a catastrophic situation. RAVEN911 also provides live feeds around emergency scenes which are helpful in determining evacuation capacities and routes. The RAVEN911 mapping interface replaces pen and paper mapping systems traditionally used by emergency workers. It also offers users a common operating picture, situational awareness and a series of tools to help prepare for, respond to and/or recover from a large scale emergency or disaster.