Amount Funded: $160,538

Amount Funded: $40,135

Total Cost: $200,673

Continuation funding of a currently-funded FTA Section 5310 Mobility Management Program being operated by the Cancer Justice Network (CJN). CJN provides mobility management services to very-low income cancer patients seeking screening and ongoing treatment, using Cancer Navigators cross-trained to be Mobility Managers, while helping patients navigate the complexities of medical providers. Most of those served are homeless and many are living out of doors, and to better serve these patients, CJN partners with medical providers serving the homeless in various local shelters. To assure that patients get to medical care, CJN partners with Cincinnati Area Senior Services (CASS) to provide same-day van services, using vans purchased earlier by CASS with FTA Section 5310 funding. For patients engaged in ongoing care, our Mobility Managers prioritize the coordination of transportation using other existing van services associated with Hamilton County JFS and various managed care providers. As the State of Ohio begins operation of its transportation brokerage services for patients on Medicaid, we will link to that service where appropriate. Significant cost savings will be realized by using existing transport options, while lowering the cancer mortality rate among these very low-income elderly and disabled homeless patients seeking care within the City of Cincinnati.