Amount Funded: $115,608

Amount Funded: $28,908

Total Cost: $144,515

Cincinnati Area Senior Services (CASS) transportation program is primarily funded by Title III Older American Act dollars and private transportation grants. The CASS program has been in operation for the past thirty years. It is designed to provide older adults transportation to social and recreation activities. For many seniors this transportation mode is their only source of viable transportation to and from senior centers and senior housing communities. In addition to social transportation CASS is a vital link for seniors to local grocery stores and shopping centers. In 2018 CASS provided 34,748 trips for seniors to grocery stores, senior centers, shopping and recreation as well as 995 door to door transportation trips to and from medical appointments. CASS provides transportation to the following senior centers and communities who without this resources would have no other transportation for seniors to their community sites: Green Township, Delhi Township, Anderson Township, Harrison Township, Cincinnati Recreation Centers in the City of Cincinnati and the Over the Rhine Senior Center in downtown Cincinnati.

The target population for CASS is older adults that reside in Hamilton County who have inadequate for few supports to assist them in remaining independent in the community. End of year demographics reflect 36% were 70 years or older and 34% were 80 years or older. 85% were female; 62% of the people who listed their race were minorities and 85% were economically disadvantaged.

The CASS transportation fleet currently has 12 vehicles. We are requesting 2 Light Transient Vehicles to replace existing vehicles in the fleet. In addition to vehicles we are requesting funding for on board cameras for all vehicles. This will reduce risk for both drivers and riders and improve overall quality improvement.