Amount Funded: $110,370

Amount Funded: $27,593

Total Cost: $137,963

Clermont Senior Services, Inc. receives nearly 70% of its funding directly from the Clermont County Senior Services Levy.  These funds are used to operate our entire organization which provides a plethora of services to the senior population of Clermont County.

The two (2) vehicles being requested will be used to replace vehicles from the current fleet that are nearing the end of their useful life.  Not surprisingly, the wear and tear on our vehicles is significant due to customer demand and high mileage (see stats below).

Transportation is the #1 identified need of seniors in Clermont County which is substantiated through our annual surveys conducted with customers.  Medical and Adult Daycare transportation remain our top two priorities. Clermont County covers over 459 square miles with several rural townships with little to no public transportation and the County has only one hospital, Mercy Clermont.  As a result, CSS must transport numerous seniors to Cincinnati and Hamilton County for medical appointments.  In 2018, CSS provided nearly 50,000 rides, covering over almost 650,000 miles, to almost 1,200 of Clermont County’s senior population.  Medical Transportation accounted for nearly 45% of all those rides. One can assume that as the aged population continues to grow in Clermont County, so will the assistance being requested.

CSS is also requesting funding for our current scheduling/dispatch software which allows us to transport older adults to destinations in a timely and efficient manner.  Funding of this software would allow CSS to leverage the cost savings to support services not eligible for funding through the 5310 or other funding sources.