Amount Funded: $165,000

Amount Funded: $42,567

Total Cost: $207,567

CABVI is requesting $165,000 to assist with the ongoing cost of our Orientation and Mobility Service. The cost of CABVI’s current Mobility Management Program is $207,567 based on the cost of salaries for two full-time and one part-time orientation and mobility instructors. This program is funded through annual contributions, grants and social enterprise revenue.

The project goal would be to provide safe travel instruction for at least 300 people who are blind or visually impaired within a one year period from receipt of the grant. Services would also include evaluation and instruction in Orientation and Mobility that provides safe travel skills training in protective techniques, use of the white cane, and bus travel.

CABVI will measure the success of this project through a detailed report of the number of individuals we serve through this program. Additionally, we will conduct follow-up surveys of our orientation and mobility services as a way of gathering client suggestions for continuous improvement.