Amount Funded: $206,665

Amount Funded: $51,666

Total Cost: $258,330

The NKADD’s mobility management project was implemented in November 2017 with 5310 funding.  Since that time, the NKADD has implemented a centralized call center for elderly/disabled transportation services in the region.  The call center is fully functional and has been scheduling transportation with several transportation providers for members of the community as well as connecting individuals with non-participating service providers and walking them through the process for obtaining those services.  The Mobility Manager is also working on a comprehensive resource of transportation services that can be distributed. The Mobility Manager has also been collecting data and working to come up with sustainable solutions for elderly/disabled transportation services. The Mobility Manager will be training to become a certified driver safety trainer and hopes to set up a Lyft scheduling program where she would act as the broker scheduling rides for those who do not have the capacity to use the Lyft Application.  Both of these programs would lead to a more sustainable mobility management program for the region.  While these programs are being implemented, NKADD is seeking to extend our 5310 funding for our mobility management program to ensure the program has the ability to thrive and grow while we create components that will generate program revenue.

Specifically, NKADD’s mobility management program staff have been fully funded through December 31, 2020.  With this application we are seeking additional funding for program personnel that would cover January 2021 to June 2023.  With this additional funding, we believe we can implement several new revenue sources to fund program activities, including those outlined above. Additionally, there are several other program goals we hope to achieve to improve the transportation services within the region:

  • Create a regional transportation forum;
  • Create a sustainable transportation model for both rural and suburban/urban communities;