How Do We Grow From Here? – Strategic Regional Policy Plan

The Strategic Regional Policy Plan, entitled Where Do We Grow From Here? was originally adopted by the OKI Land Use Commission in 2005. The updated plan, adopted in 2014, is title How Do We Grow From Here? The plan contains an overall 20-year vision for regional vitality, sustainability, and competitiveness, focusing on the land use–transportation connection. Conceptually, the strategic planning process addresses four questions: Where are we as a region? Where are we going given current trends? Where do we want to go? How do we get there? Six strategic subject areas guide and focus planning efforts to achieve the overall regional vision. These strategic subject areas are housing, transportation, land use, public facilities and services, natural systems, and economic development.

Each subject area of the SRPP contains an overview, a goal, the trends and conditions associated with each strategic regional issue in that subject, and objectives and policies recommended to address each of the issues.

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Plan implementation through Comprehensive Planning Guidance and Technical Assistance

Tools, research and resources related to the How Do We Grow From Here? plan are available as a service to local governments in the region. For a library of tools and resources, including OKI’s technical documents on effective comprehensive planning as well as model codes, please visit the Regional Planning Forum Library.

In addition, OKI staff is available to provide technical assistance for specific local planning needs and projects as resources permit. For more information, please contact the Regional Planning Manager.

Plan impacts on the funding criteria for Transportation Projects

After adoption of the initial Strategic Regional Policy Plan, a “land use conformance” factor was added to the OKI Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) prioritization process. The “Local Planning” factor examines the degree to which a project helps to implement the How Do We Grow From Here? plan through effective local comprehensive planning. A central objective of the plan is for each local government to have an up-to-date comprehensive plan that links transportation, land use, economic development, public facilities, housing, natural resources, recreation, intergovernmental coordination and capital improvements. The plan emphasizes complete and current local government comprehensive plans as a means to a more efficient multi-modal regional transportation system. The How Do We Grow From Here?- Strategic Regional Policy Plan responds to the Land Use Commission’s mission to bring more consistency between regional transportation planning and local land use planning. To learn more about the scoring criteria for transportation projects, please visit the transportation funding page.