OKI regular updates its Strategic Regional Policy Plan (SRPP), which supports the goals of the agency’s long-range transportation plan. It does this by identifying opportunities to improve our transportation priorities with better land-use policies and practices.

Transportation investments have a direct impact on community land uses and development opportunities. Transportation systems affect a region’s character, the natural environment and local economies.

The regional trends and conditions used to inform the OKI Strategic Regional Policy Plan are housed at www.howdowegrow.org.

They were systematically updated throughout 2021, as 2020 U.S. Census data became available. OKI’s Board is also expected to consider SRPP updates in summer 2023.

The policy recommendations of this plan are designed to help inform and guide local decision makers. They are based on regional trends in population change and increasing costs of public services, while promoting environmental health and a better quality of life.

The SRPP encourages consistent local comprehensive planning by rewarding it with additional consideration when awarding funding for transportation projects.

OKI also supports local planning efforts by providing resources like the Elements of an Effective Local Comprehensive Plan guide, maps, data, and tools, and even limited staff involvement, when requested.

The Strategic Regional Policy Plan — Where Do We Grow From Here? was originally adopted by the OKI Land Use Commission in 2005.

The plan was updated in 2014. It is an overall 20-year vision for regional vitality, sustainability, and competitiveness, focusing on the land use-transportation connection.

Conceptually, the strategic planning process addresses four questions: Where are we as a region? Where are we going given current trends? Where do we want to go? How do we get there?

Six strategic subject areas guide and focus planning efforts to achieve the overall regional vision. These strategic subject areas are housing, transportation, land use, public facilities and services, natural systems, and economic development.

Each subject area of the SRPP contains an overview, a goal, the trends and conditions associated with each strategic regional issue in that subject, and objectives and policies recommended to address each of the issues.

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