In March 2023, OKI convened a team of organizations to respond to a U.S. EPA grant opportunity — the Climate Pollution Reduction Grant (CPRG) — on behalf of the Cincinnati Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).

The CPRG awarded planning grants to each state and the 67 most populous metropolitan regions for the purpose of producing greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction plans. States and regions that participate in the planning grant program are eligible for competitive grant awards from a $4.3 billion implementation grant fund.

Planning Partners
With our planning partners: Green Umbrella, City of Cincinnati Office of Environment and Sustainability, Northern Kentucky Areawide Development District, Hamilton County Environmental Services and the Indiana University Environmental Resilience Institute, OKI embarked on the path to produce a regional GHG reduction plan, ThriveTogether: A Sustainability Playbook for Greater Cincinnati.

This process began with an October 18 kickoff and launch of an engagement portal at We also assembled a plan steering committee on our way to producing a priority plan by the March 1, 2024, deadline to be eligible to compete for implementation funding.

The plan covers Cincinnati MSA, a 16-county region that spans three states, 257 local governments and over 2.2 million residents. While the grant directive focuses on reducing GHG emissions, the co-benefits of these actions will provide numerous positive outcomes for the region.

Action taken because of this plan and implementation funding received will:

  • Improve air quality
  • Reduce wasted energy
  • Improve housing affordability
  • Reduce operating costs for businesses, schools
    governments, and nonprofits
  • Bring additional quality jobs
  • Enhance the region’s tree canopy, especially in neighborhoods with few trees