Annually, OKI provides funding to agencies throughout the region for vehicles and activities to improve mobility for seniors and people with disabilities.

Since 2015, we’ve awarded $10.7 million to 30 social service agencies for such items as paratransit vehicles, mobility management programs and trip navigator support systems.

In 2021, OKI awarded $3 million to various agencies. These funds bought 18 new paratransit vehicles; provided vehicle cameras and dispatching software; supported three mobility management programs serving residents with call center support and navigation support to medical appointments; paid for transit training for blind individuals; and supported the Transit Alliance of Butler County.

(2022 awards and projects funded will be shared when made available)

The OKI 5310 Oversight Team offers guidance to OKI staff facilitating the USC Title 49 Section 5310 Federal apportionment program, which funds transportation enhancements for seniors and individuals with disabilities.

 In other initiatives, the Tristate Transportation Equitable Opportunity Team (TTEOT), managed by OKI staff, includes members who represent a broad spectrum of transportation planners and transportation providers. Their job: to work diligently to identify how best to address the transportation needs of the elderly and individuals with disabilities.

TTEOT conducts workshops to identify growing needs and gauge the most effective and feasible strategies for addressing them.

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