OKI awarded $2 million to agencies across the region in 2022 for vehicles and activities that improve mobility for seniors and individuals with disabilities.

These awards funded:

  • 14 new paratransit vehicles
  • Vehicle cameras and dispatching software
  • Three mobility management programs to serve residents with call center support; navigation support to medical appointments; and transit training for blind individuals

Due to rising inflation, this program had significant cost increases — from 60 to 100% — on paratransit vehicles in 2022. As a result, OKI moved quickly and worked closely with Federal Transit Administration partners to amend grant awards to cover these increases. FTA
staff used OKI’s amendment strategy as a model for other U.S. agencies facing the same dilemma.

The OKI 5310 Oversight Team provides guidance to OKI staff facilitating the USC Title 49 Section 5310 Federal apportionment program funding transportation enhancements for seniors and individuals with disabilities.