OKI is ever seeking new ways to reach out to the region, as a means to build a transportation system that works for everyone.

We talk and listen to the public through public meetings, workshops, surveys, social media, and other forums.

And, with the arrival of a worldwide pandemic, we adopted another forum: hybrid and virtual online options. Of course, our preference remains face-to-face contact, which brings a personal interaction not possible in online meetings.

When public engagement was highlighted in our most recent annual report, Public Involvement Specialist Florence Parker discussed how the pandemic had disrupted the organization’s community outreach — or public participation — efforts.

In that time, the world is learning to live and work with the virus. And that includes OK, as we’ve revised our Participation Plan to adapt to online options in light of COVID.

Metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) are required to have a formal Public Participation Plan (PPP). Ours can be found here: https://www.oki.org/plans-and-programs/participation-plan/.

Such a plan is designed to provide our citizens with complete information, timely public notices, and full access to key decisions and opportunities to be involved in this region’s transportation planning process.

For OKI, however, our commitment to engaging our public goes beyond requirements and regulations. We are always seeking new ways to reach our partners, our jurisdictions and our broader community.

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