A New Freight Plan

OKI began creating a new Freight Plan in 2021. To be completed in two phases during Fiscal Years 2022 and 2023, the first one is being conducted entirely in-house by OKI’s staff. The focus was to identify and amass critical datasets needed for a comprehensive, multimodal approach.

Safety, infrastructure, mobility, environmental, and economic data across all five freight modes (road, rail, river, runway, and pipeline) were gathered in phase one: https://freight.oki.org/.

Another America Marine Highway Grant Application

OKI endorsed a third successful America Marine Highway (AMH) grant application under our M-70 Barge Service in the Ports of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Beyond Project Designation. Nucor Corporation was awarded $1,408,000 to buy a gantry crane for a new marine terminal that will be built at their Gallatin plant.

The new crane’s ability to lift 70 tons will enable the transport of steel products by barge rather than by trucks to meet market demand. The new crane and marine terminal are necessary due to Nucor’s doubling in steel coil production since January 2020.

Awarded CRISI grants

OKI’s role as grantee of two 2020-awarded Federal Rail Administration (FRA) Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvements (CRISI) grants, which totaled $2.3 million in new federal funding for the region, commenced in earnest during 2021.

OKI also signed the FRA Grant Agreement for Cincinnati Bulk Terminals (CBT)’s CRISI project. Efforts for the better part of the year were focused on meeting FRA requirements for Final Design approval, which was received last year on Oct. 12.

By the end of 2021, OKI had managed CBT’s purchase of a new material handler; the selection of professional services for the equipment’s installation; and release of multiple requests for proposals and qualifications, as part of the public procurement process for the overhead conveyor system.

For Benchmark River and Rail Terminals (Benchmark) CRISI project, 2021 concentrated on meeting FRA requirements for preliminary engineering. OKI received FRA approval for our CRISI Railroad Agreements. Following OKI’s request for qualifications process, Benchmark selected AECOM to coordinate with the railroads and City of Cincinnati to deliver preliminary engineering and final design for the new traffic signal and safety improvements, including train preemption at three private rail grade crossings.

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