Environmental Justice

OKI has defined five social groups for which the impacts of transportation projects are being evaluated in accordance with federal and state Environmental Justice (EJ) guidelines. OKI used a variety of quantitative performance measures and qualitative evaluation to assess whether


Traffic Counts

Traffic counts Explore traffic counts for the OKI region. This app features data downloads, printing, and the ability to chart traffic volumes by time of day and travel direction. View Map


Travel Time Reliability

Travel time reliability is the ability of travelers to reach their destination in a consistent and dependable amount of time. A highway’s travel time may be reliable and still experience slowdowns, but these slowdowns will be predictable and recurring


My Community’s Water

My Community’s Water is a web-based interactive tool for geographic information system analysis (GIS) of water resources in the 122 local political jurisdictions of Butler, Clermont, Hamilton and Warren counties.  It can be accessed here or through the website


Freight Overview

Freight Can’t Wait Since 2007, OKI staff and members have been actively engaged in freight transportation planning due to its critical impact on the region’s socio-economic well-being. The efficient flow of goods, employees and customers ensures a healthy and


Pavement Condition

Our region boasts a robust roadway network of over 9,000 miles, largely built during the 20th century.  We are faced with the challenge of preserving these thousands of miles of pavement across all eight counties. Today, nearly 76% of our


TIP on Demand

The TIP on Demand Mobile app identifies highway and transit projects by county and gives specific details about each project. Details include the location of the project, a description, itemized costs and a map of the project. This app


Transit Analyst

View Map The OKI Transit Analyst allows transit agencies in the Greater Cincinnati region to explore and compare demographic trends around existing and future transit stops and lines.  This easy to use application allows the user to interactively draw


Travel Time Index

The OKI region’s quality of life and economic competitiveness are closely related to the degree to which the transportation system is able to provide an acceptable level of mobility.  Congestion is the level at which transportation system performance is no