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Trees & Stormwater

The Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana Regional Council of Governments in partnership with Davey Resources, Centerline Strategies, LLC, and the National Association of Regional Councils, with funding by the U.S. Forest Service are pleased to bring


Partners in Prime

We are requesting wheelchair accessible vans specifically modified minivans to help us become more efficient and to provide more services to more people more often.  These types of vans have been the most versatile for helping us transport our current demographic of clients.

Amount Funded: $85,140


Paddlefest Story Map

The Ohio River Paddlefest Celebration is the largest paddling event in the United States. Over 2,000 participants from 20 states paddle 1,600 kayaks, canoes, and stand up paddleboards for 3 hours down the 9


Northern Kentucky Area Development District

With this application we are seeking additional funding for program personnel that would cover January 2021 to June 2023.  With this additional funding, we believe we can implement several new revenue sources to fund program activities, including those outlined above. Additionally, there are several other program goals we hope to achieve to improve the transportation services within the region.

Amount Funded: $206,665


My Community’s Water

My Community’s Water is a web-based interactive tool for geographic information system analysis (GIS) of water resources in the 122 local political jurisdictions of Butler, Clermont, Hamilton and Warren counties.  It can be accessed


Maple Knoll Communities

Maple Knoll Outreach Services for Seniors is in dire need of a replacement vehicle to aid us in our service to seniors located in Cincinnati, Ohio in Hamilton County. We have 7 in our present fleet, and utilize all of them with regularity.

Amount Funded: $112,280


Clermont Senior Services

The two (2) vehicles being requested will be used to replace vehicles from the current fleet that are nearing the end of their useful life.

Amount Funded: $110,370


Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired

The project goal would be to provide safe travel instruction for at least 300 people who are blind or visually impaired within a one year period from receipt of the grant. Services would also include evaluation and instruction in Orientation and Mobility that provides safe travel skills training in protective techniques, use of the white cane, and bus travel. 

Amount Funded: $165,000


Cincinnati Area Senior Services

2 Light Transient Vehicles to replace existing vehicles in the fleet. In addition to vehicles we are requesting funding for on board cameras for all vehicles. This will reduce risk for both drivers and riders and improve overall quality improvement. 

Amount Funded: $115,608


Catch-a-Ride – Lifetime Resources

Web Ride Request add-on feature for the Easy Rides dispatching software that we are currently utilizing. The Web Ride Request feature would decrease the time that dispatchers and clients spend scheduling rides over the phone, while increasing client satisfaction and online visibility of their upcoming trips. It has potential to increase overall trip volumes as well.

Amount Funded: $31,640


Cancer Justice Network

Continuation funding of a currently-funded FTA Section 5310 Mobility Management Program being operated by the Cancer Justice Network (CJN). CJN provides mobility management services to very-low income cancer patients seeking screening and ongoing treatment, using Cancer Navigators cross-trained to be Mobility Managers, while helping patients navigate the complexities of medical providers.

Amount Funded: $160,538



CORIS - Central Ohio River Information System CORIS centralizes information that may be of importance to potential site selectors, users, investors, elected officials and industry members. The app, via a detailed filter, can find


2017 Bike Guide Update

OKI is in the process of updating its Bike Route Guides for the eight county region.  Click the link below to be able to add or update new or missing bike lanes, paths or


Bike & Pedestrian Crashes

Bicyclists and pedestrians account for 14% of all transportation related fatalities. The vulnerability of bicyclists and pedestrians, coupled with the increasing popularity of bicycling, contributes to this important safety concern. The data below shows five-year


Bike Route Guide

The Bike Route Guide was prepared by the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments with assistance from the Cincinnati Department of Transportation and Engineering, members of Queen City Bike, the Cincinnati Cycle Club and many area


Bridge Condition

With over 2,300 bridges in the OKI region, maintaining the safety and functionality of those bridges is critical to keeping people and goods moving. “Functionally Obsolete” is a status used to describe a bridge that


Crash Rates

Motor vehicle crashes account for high economic loss and societal impact for residents of the OKI region. Impacts include loss of life, decreased quality of life due to injuries, lost productivity, medical and legal costs,


Environmental Justice

OKI has defined five social groups for which the impacts of transportation projects are being evaluated in accordance with federal and state Environmental Justice (EJ) guidelines. OKI used a variety of quantitative performance measures and

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