Providing detailed, up-to-date Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data, analysis and web mapping applications for OKI’s many programs was a leading focus for our GIS Department during 2022.

GIS staff supported the development of OKI’s Freight Plan Update through the development of mapping applications, data processing, and data analysis. An interactive map of truck freight was developed and includes data for truck parking, safety, truck volumes, and levels of truck travel time reliability in the region. Additionally, an interactive railroad freight map was created for viewing railroad volume, railway safety, and railroad noise contours with quiet zones. The GIS department deployed machine learning algorithms in conjunction with lidar datasets to develop Urban Tree Canopy (UTC) layers for Dearborn County, Indiana and Butler County, Ohio. The UTC layer helps in understanding existing conditions of our green infrastructure and can provide a base line for future analysis.

Tree canopy provides many benefits to our local communities: improving water quality, reducing erosion, reducing stormwater runoff, lowering urban temperatures, reducing air pollution, enhancing property values, providing wildlife habitat, and providing aesthetic benefits.