Interactive Web Mapping

OKI has developed a series of Web mapping applications as a means to distribute OKI maps and GIS capabilities via the Internet.  These applications provide the user with tools for map navigation, identifying features, locating addresses, and querying and searching attributes.


TIP on Demand
The TIP on Demand provides a new way in which to view highway projects in the OKI region. Users may pan and zoom through the regional or county maps and quickly visualize the location of federally funded highway projects anywhere in the eight-county, three-state region. At the click of the mouse, information on the funding, year of sale/let date and other important information is available. In addition, users may enter project identification numbers to quickly see the location of a project.
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Cincinnati Bike Route Guide
The Cincinnati Bike Route Guide was prepared by the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments with assistance from the Cincinnati Department of Transportation and engineering, the Cincinnati Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee, members of the Cincinnati Cycle Club and other area bicyclists.

The Bike Route Guide indicates city streets actually used by area bicyclists and recommended to other adults for bicycle travel. These streets, including the signed bike routes, are shared with motor verhicles and have no special provisions for bicycle travel unless classified as with bike lanes or as a separete shared use path. Cyclists should use appropriate safety precautions and obey the rules of the road.
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Traffic Counts
The information on this website includes traffic counts that have been taken by OKI or gathered from agencies in the region.  All of these traffic counts represent the annualized average daily traffic, or AADT.  This means that the counts have been adjusted based on seasonal variations of traffic as observed by state DOT where the count is located.  These counts include both directions of traffic unless otherwise specified.

If you have a question about a traffic count, please feel free to contact Adam Evans at
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