Geographic Information Systems

gislogoOKI has an award winning Geographic Information System (GIS) program.   GIS plays an integral role in our region’s transportation, environmental, and land-use planning initiatives.   OKI has been collecting and developing regional GIS datasets to support these planning initiatives since 2002.   In cooperation with each of the eight counties that make up the OKI region, a base map of GIS data has been assembled which acts as a framework of regional GIS layers.  These framework data include layers such as census boundaries, environmentally sensitive areas, political boundaries, parcels, rivers and streams, transportation infrastructure, aerial photography and digital elevation data and are the foundation for many agencies’ daily business that should be collected once, and made accessible for use by multiple governmental agencies.

OKI works closely with our member governments for planning and data development. Although OKI has acquired a large amount of local data such as street centerlines, parcels, and aerial photography, this data is not available without written approval from our member governments. The best way to acquire local GIS data is to contact directly the county or jurisdiction of interest.

Downloadable GIS Data

Many of the GIS datasets that OKI has developed are available for download as shapefiles and as layer packages. Learn More Here

Interactive Web Mapping

OKI has developed several interactive web mapping applications that may be used at no cost by our Web site visitors. Learn More Here

Web Mapping Services (WMS)

OKI publishes many of its GIS databases as Web Mapping Services.  These services provide an easy and efficient means to access GIS content.  OKI’s WMS services can be integrated directly into your GIS.

A WMS is a standard protocol, first published and developed by the Open Geospatial Consortium, for delivering georeferenced map images over the Web that are generated by a map server using data from a GIS database.   OKI provides numerous Web Mapping Services for use in your GIS or the client of your choice.

Custom Mapping, Data and Analysis Services

Request custom maps or data analysis tailored to your specific needs.
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