Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI) Board President and Dearborn County Commissioner Kevin Lynch announced today the award of more than $77 million to be distributed to 42 transportation projects in the region.

“Once again, through consensus, the board of OKI has delivered a $77 million infrastructure package that will enhance the region. Today’s awards will improve public, vehicular and pedestrian safety throughout the eight counties in our region,” said Lynch. “These projects bolster economic vitality, and they take us one step closer toward realizing our goal of creating an efficient, integrated and multimodal regional transportation system.”

The funds were allocated through three federal programs: In Ohio, the Surface Transportation Program (STP) and the Transportation Alternative program (TA), and the Surface Transportation Program for Northern Kentucky (SNK).

The STP funding will assist 12 projects in roadway reconstruction, safety improvements, bus replacements and fiber optics, including a project to improve wayfinding with electronic variable message signs at The Banks. The TA program will benefit 15 Ohio projects. This funding will support a variety of bike, trail and pedestrian projects, including the Wasson Way Trail. SNK funding will support 15 projects in northern Kentucky, including TANK bus replacements and continued work on Riverfront Commons.

“These projects form a comprehensive network that will improve the region’s economy and quality of life,” said OKI’s CEO Mark Policinski. “They solve important roadway problems while also funding transportation options like bike and pedestrian paths, which communities consider a must-have rather than a nice-to-have. The environment, economy and safety of our region will be advanced by these wise expenditures.”

OKI is a council of local governments, business organizations and community groups committed to developing collaborative strategies, plans and programs to improve the quality of life and the economic development potential of the Tri-State.

Surface Transportation Projects (STP)

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Surface Transportation Projects for Northern Kentucky (SNK)

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Transportation Alternatives (TA)

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Funding Totals

Surface Transportation Projects for Ohio Funds: $44,138,820

Surface Transportation Projects for Kentucky Funds: $27,104,800

Transportation Alternatives for Ohio Funds: $5,918,136