Vanpooling is carpooling on a larger scale. Seven to 15 people ride together to and from work in a comfortable, fully equipped van. Each passenger pays a low monthly fare based on the number of miles the van travels. Group members are not required to make a long-term commitment to vanpool, but instead agree to ride for a month at a time with a one-month notice given if they decide to leave the group. Your group agrees on a route and schedule and meets at a central location. The volunteer driver has limited personal use of the van on weekends and evenings.

There are currently 18 vanpools operating in the tri-state area and RideShare is always looking for opportunities to form new vanpools. If there is not a vanpool that currently fits your needs, fill out the on-line RideShare application or call RideShare at 241-RIDE. We may be able to find enough commuters traveling from your area to start a new vanpool. 

Why rideshare?

Save Money
Simply put when you carpool, you will drive less and save money. These savings come from reduced maintenance costs, savings on gasoline, and even insurance rates.

Less Traffic
If your commute is a long one you may find yourself frequently fighting heavy traffic.

Automobiles and light trucks are considered the largest contributors to air quality problems in the United States.

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