Forming a carpool is a great way to share the ride and cut your commuting costs. All it takes is two people to start saving money and cleaning our air. RideShare will help you find a neighbor or co-worker going your way. Just fill out our RideShare application or call 241-RIDE and we'll send you a list of others willing to give carpooling a try. They'll welcome your call because they are interested in the benefits of carpooling too. You can arrange to carpool everyday, certain days, or on an as needed basis. 

RideShare offers a Guaranteed Ride Home program that provides carpoolers and vanpoolers extra insurance that they can get home in case of an emergency or unexpected overtime. The Guaranteed Ride Home program offers commuters 80% reimbursement of the cost of cab fare or transit fare home. Registered carpoolers and vanpoolers can use this service up to four times per year. If you are already carpooling, you can register for the Guaranteed Ride Home program by calling RideShare at 241-RIDE . Once registered, commuters do not have to call for approval. They just mail their dated receipt to: OKI Regional Council of Governments, 720 East Pete Rose Way, Suite 420, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.

Why rideshare?

Save Money
Simply put when you carpool, you will drive less and save money. These savings come from reduced maintenance costs, savings on gasoline, and even insurance rates.

Less Traffic
If your commute is a long one you may find yourself frequently fighting heavy traffic.

Automobiles and light trucks are considered the largest contributors to air quality problems in the United States.

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