OKI has no authority over local land uses. That said, OKI’s Board created a land use commission to study the complex link between transportation and how we use land for homes, businesses, parks, and factories. The main goal of the OKI Land Use Commission is to create more consistency between local land use planning and regional transportation planning, so that taxpayer dollars can be used to maximum benefit.

A steering committee of the Land Use Commission has been meeting since the 2005 adoption of the Strategic Regional Policy Plan (SRPP). Its focus is to advance initiatives that support implementing and maintaining the SRPP.

OKI Land Use Commission Steering Committee Members

  • Kenneth Reed, Chair
  • Shannon Hartkemeyer, Vice Chair, Fairfield Township Trustee
  • Donald Dixon, Butler County Commissioner
  • Jenna LeCount, Boone County Planning Commission
  • Larry Maxey, Synchronic Business Solutions, LLC
  • Pete Metz, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Pamela Mullins, Resident Member   
  • David Okum, Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission  
  • Jack Sutton, Retired Great Parks Director
  • Bruce Whitteberry, Greater Cincinnati Water Works
  • Stan Williams, Warren County Regional Planning Commission