As a public agency that receives federal funds and recommends where they should be spent, OKI must ensure that this money is used without discrimination. To that end, OKI developed a policy for Environmental Justice (EJ) in 2003, expanding our efforts to involve the public in transportation decisions and to add provisions for assessing the equity of our transportation investments.

Per federal guidelines, the targets of environmental justice are minority and low-income populations. However, OKI’s EJ efforts now include the elderly, people with disabilities and zero-car households. Many of these special efforts are focused on areas where EJ populations are most prevalent, as defined in Element 2 of the OKI Participation Plan.

EJ Committee’s role for OKI

A precursor to developing an EJ policy, OKI established an Environmental Justice Advisory Committee (EJAC) in 2002. Three years later, the committee adopted a policy based on EJ Executive Order 12898. The order guarantees that no group of people, including minority and low-income, bears a disproportionate share of negative environmental consequences from any of our programs, policies and activities.

EJ committee members review, score and rank every application requesting funding. This is to ensure fair treatment and to evaluate the overall net benefit of all programs, policies, and activities on minority and low-income populations in OKI’s eight-county region.

Committee Members

  • Adam Goetzman, Committee Chair, Green Township
  • Megan Bessey, Planning & Development Services Kenton County
  • Karla Boldery, La Mega Media
  • Scott Brown, Ohio Department of Transportation, District 8
  • Frank Busofsky, Great Parks of Hamilton County
  • Nancy Cahall, Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio
  • Tyeisha Cole, Cincinnati NAACP
  • Jaeydah Edwards, Groundwork Ohio River Valley
  • James A. Foster, Resident, Trenton, Ohio
  • Jenna LeCount, Boone County Planning Commission
  • Erin Lynn, City of Fairfield
  • Cindy Minter, Campbell County Planning & Zoning
  • Rosalind Moore, City of Forest Park
  • Pamela Mullins, Resident, Covington, Kentucky
  • Keith Smith, Ohio Department of Transportation – District 8
  • Olivia Tussey, TANK, Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky